Virtual Lemonade

Virtual Lemonade is a novel method to digitally share the flavor experience of a glass of lemonade (or other similar beverages) remotely. The proposed method utilizes a sensor to capture valuable information (primarily, the color and the corresponding pH value) of the lemonade and a customized tumbler to virtually simulate these properties using plain water. Thus, the system consists of three main components: 1) the lemonade sensor, 2) the communication protocol, and 3) a customized tumbler, acting as the lemonade simulator. Initially, the sensor captures the color and the pH value of the lemonade and encodes this information based on an established communication protocol for wireless transmission. On receiving the information from the sensor, the lemonade simulator overlays the color of the drink on plain water using an RGB Light Emitting Diode (LED) and simulates sour taste sensations on the user’s tongue via electrical stimulation. By simulating the experience of drinking a glass of lemonade through the digital reconstruction of the beverage’s main visual and taste factors, the results from these experiments will be able to justify the feasibility of teleporting a glass of lemonade using this novel methodology.

Keywords: Teleport; virtual lemonade; virtual reality; food teleportation; beverage communication; multimodal interaction.


Virtual Lemonade



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Exhibitions / Demonstrations

  • KMD Forum 2017 / “Virtual Lemonade: Let’s Teleport Your Lemonade!” at Keio University – Yokohama, Japan / November 2017.

  • TEI 2017 / “Virtual Lemonade: Let’s Teleport Your Lemonade!” at Keio University – Yokohama, Japan / March 2017.


This research is supported by the National Research Foundation, Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore under its International Research Centres in Singapore Funding Initiative.